Engineered Solutions for Vacuum Technology

Engineered Solutions
for Vacuum Technology

Build to print or design and prototyping, through to series production, we can support your requirements in vacuum technology. We specialise in design, engineering, CNC machining, welding and clean room assembly.




Ultra-clean electromechanical assemblies, vacuum chambers and engineering projects to support your semiconductor process equipment needs.


Defence & Aerospace

Advanced vacuum chamber solutions to meet the demands of your ground breaking applications, processes and research.


Scientific Instrument Manufacturer

Build to print assemblies to meet the demands of your ground breaking applications, processes and research.



Advanced vacuum technology to further innovation in alternative sources of energy.



Pioneering vacuum solutions, compliant to medical industry standards across countless hospital and healthcare applications.


Research Laboratories

Bespoke componentry and chambers for ultra-high vacuum systems undertaking complex material research and analysis.

Vacuum Solutions

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