Vacuum Drives and Motions: Rotary & Linear Drives

Explore VACGEN's selection of vacuum drives and motion options, including UHV linear drives and UHV rotary drives available to buy online. Many vacuum processes require a sample or other components to be moved around the vacuum system. VACGEN offer a comprehensive range of rotation and linear drives including UHV wobble sticks, magnetic probes, rotary platforms and feedthroughs to ensure reliable and precise motion control. Need a bespoke UHV drive solution? Our experts are happy to help. Contact us to discuss your project today.

Linear Drives

Linear drives can be used for a range of applications requiring small distance travel within a vacuum system, such as moving electron optics or apertures, source movement, or stage alignment. 

Rotary Drives

Rotary drives are used where a vacuum process requires a sample or components to be accurately rotated within the vacuum chamber. 

Wobble Sticks

Wobble sticks enable simple hand operated movements to be transmitted through the wall of the vacuum vessel. All our wobble sticks are mounted onto a 70mm OD flange and are capable of being baked without dismantling.

Hollow Linear Drives

Hollow linear drives are used when a probe or source requires positioning within the chamber with a high degree of accuracy. The Z axis only translators can all be fully motorised to give even higher degrees of accuracy.

Magnetic Transfer

Magnetically coupled probes contain samarium cobalt magnets for high-power, smooth transfer and, owing to their all-metal construction, are bakeable to +250°c. The transfer probes are used for transferring samples quickly between vacuum chambers

Non-Magnetic Transfer

The linear rack and pinion design of our non-magnetic transfer probes provide an extremely accurate method of linear travel within the chamber, with an optional secondary rotation shaft for azimuthal movement.

Rotary Platforms

Rotary platforms provide a means of rotational translation with a central clear bore. Differentially pumped rotary platforms are construction to enable a probe or similar device to be inserted into a UHV environment and rotated.

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  1. Rotary Drive Magnetic Encoded Stepper Motor DN19CF
    4 to 6 weeks delivery
    The MRD91 is a manual or motorised magnetic rotary drive which uses high strength Sm2Co17 magnetic coupling to transfer rotational forces into the vacuum envelope. This is achieved without any dynamic seals or bellows making these devices exceptionally robust and no risk of a vacuum leak for the life of the drive. The MRD91 is fitted with Index scale and position lock.
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