UHV Accessory Products For All Applications

View our range of high quality and reliable UHV accessory products for prototype development and general laboratory use cases including all vacuum chambers and associated applications. VACGEN has supplied a wide range of auxiliary products for many years including viewports, flanges and gaskets, UHV fittings and sublimation pumps




Ultra High Vacuum Conflat Flanges
Our Gaskets are manufactured from oxygen-free, high-conductivity copper and are specifically designed for UHV applications. We supply in a range of standard types including commercial grade for large quantities, etched for a super clean environment, annealed for use with viewports and silver plated for synchrotron and low mag environments.VACGEN offer a complete range of UHV compatible viewports to suit all clean and UHV applications. They have a wide angle of vision, maximum protection from accidental damage and minimum transmission of strain from flange bolts.Conflat flanges (CF) are designed to enable affordable, repeatable seals, that have low leak rate and the ability to withstand the high temperatures used for de-gassing (up to 450°C) without leaking. Our range of UHV flanges are fully compatible with the internationally agreed standards and will connect to any other compliant CF flange. Available, as standard, in 304L and 316LN ESR.


Sublimation Pump


Ultra High Vacuum Fittings
Fittings can be used for connecting different parts of the UHV system. Our range of fittings include tubulated flanges, straight connectors, tee pieces, 4-way and 6-way crosses, radius elbows and flexible connectors.Our sublimation pump is designed to operate between 1x10-4 to 1x10-12 mbar and have interchangeable filaments for the sub pump head. The sub pump is operated using the SPC8 controller which provides all the necessary features for sub pump operation.Feedthroughs are designed to carry services into the vacuum environments. Instrumentation, power and liquid feedthroughs are available in a variety of orientations.

Ion Gauges

Hinged Doors

Port Aligner

Our pressure measurement products are designed to operate from atmospheric pressure to 1x10-10 mbar. The IGC5 controller can run a Pirani Gauge and Ion Gauge, covering the wide range of operating pressures encountered when taking a system down to UHV environments. We also supply a range of spares for our Ion Gauges including filaments, grids and connectors.The HD range of fast entry air lock doors can be used to load items into a prep chamber. They come in two configurations - either a plain door, or with a built-in viewport. This is an ideal solution for keeping the main system under UHV conditions whilst a sample is loaded.A port aligner allows the precise mechanical alignment of sample transfer and docking systems, such as MLRV and RLRP. They are a cost-effective way to save time during system installation, where sample transfer tools are being set up for the first time.
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  1. 152mm OD 102mm ID - 316LN (2D) Rotable Bored CF Flange
    8 to 10 weeks delivery
    Rotatable bored Conflat Flange (CF) are available in the full range of sizes. The smaller range of flange can accept a number of different standard tube sizes. These are prepared ready for welding onto chamber tubulations or components. The rotatable flange consists of two parts, the inner knife edge detail and the outer bolt hole retaining ring which rotates around the inner part.
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