Ultra-High Vacuum Valves (UHV)

VACGEN Vacuum valves are compact valves used to isolate or control the pressure within a UHV vacuum system

VACGEN supply a comprehensive range of ultra-high vacuum (UHV) valves, from all-metal right hand angles for true UHV applications, to ultra-fine controllable leak valves which have been designed for fine pressure control with extremely low hystoresis.

Our range of UHV leak valves are used for precise control of the flow of gas into a vacuum system from an external source. They are of all metal construction and, due to their ultra-fine control actuator and low internal volume, are extreme repeatable - offering excellent response over a wide and dynamic pressure range.

UHV right angle valves come in two standard types, the CR and CRD. These valves offer a good conductance and, owing to their all-metal construction, have a high bake-out temperature 300°c when the valves are closed. The CR range have a fully welded bonnet which offers enhanced performance when the valve is shut off, due to no internal stress on the bonnet joint and gasket. The CRD range have a demountable bonnet which is designed primarily for customers who have a fixed manifold.

Our range of UHV valves come with a range of spares for repairs in the field. These service kits can be used in conjunction with the assembly guides, YouTube videos and manuals for easy maintenance, keeping your valves running in top condition for years of service.

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