Bespoke Sample Manipulation for Scientific Instrument Manufacturers - CP

Bespoke Sample Manipulation for
Scientific Instrument Manufacturers

Over 20 years supplying chambers, manipulation devices, valves, drives and sub assemblies engineered to the highest specifications. VACGEN offer a wide range of configurable high precision XYZ manipulators, transfer devices and valves to which can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Designed to be at the heart of your supply chain


VACGEN are a trusted supply chain partner for organisations who require a steady supply of UHV components and sample manipulators. We support equipment manufacturers around the world with high quality components to ensure their supply chain is always moving. Components can adhere to strict test procedures set out by the OEM.

XYZ Precision Sample Manipulation

Precision movement, stability and positioning of samples and substrates within a vacuum envelope is an essential process in material analysis. VACGEN's class 7 cleanroom is equip with flow-lines and test facilities to ensure quality is at the heart of your supply chain. Manipulation competencies include movement in vacuum, heating and LN2 cooling modules.

Why Choose VACGEN as your supply partner?

With over 50 years industry experience, our core competence is in the expert design, engineering, manufacture and clean-room assembly of chambers and manipulation subsystems, offering a wide portfolio of high and ultra-high vacuum chambers for multiple applications in the vacuum industry. From the manufacture of the first UHV valve to some of the most advanced vacuum research systems built, our long spanning history has given us an incredible grounding in the needs of our customers and how we can support new projects through the design phase, product delivery and installation, and ongoing support.


We are a trusted supplier of vacuum companies big and small and would love to be at the heart of your supply chain.

State of the art
State of the art production line

Our production facility is a purpose built state-of-the-art building, designed around machining centres and flow lines for volume production capacity.

Everything under one roof

From 5-axis complex geometrical chambers with post-welding operations to ultra high vacuum cleaning techniques, we have everything under one roof.

Experts in UHV
Experts in UHV

Ultra-high vacuum product design and manufacture has been a central part of our business for over 50 years and we have the skills and knowledge to undertake your UHV project.

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