Industries and Market Sectors for Vacuum Solutions

VACGEN are a key supplier to numerous industries which require vacuum, from the Semiconductor Industry to Research Facilities and Synchrotrons around the world. Select your industry for further information on how we can help you take the next leap forward.

Ultra-clean build to print assemblies and chambers

Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry requires vacuum for deposition, inspection, etching and lithography. Our custom built solutions can help drive your system builds forward.

Sample manipulation, bespoke assemblies and chambers

Scientific Instrument Manufacturers

Volume production for bespoke sample manipulation, electromechanical assemblies and vacuum chambers for OEM customers building up ultra-high vacuum systems.

Complex chambers and one-off lab builds

Research Laboratories

Bespoke componentry and chambers for ultra-high
vacuum systems undertaking complex material research and analysis.

Advanced vacuum technology


Advanced vacuum technology to further innovation in alternative sources of energy.

Vacuum equipment to Medical Industry Standards


Pioneering vacuum solutions, compliant to medical
industry standards across countless hospital and
healthcare applications.

Ground breaking applications


World-leading vacuum chamber solutions to meet the demands of your ground breaking applications, processes and research.

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