Engineering Solutions for the Energy Industry

Investment in fusion technology is the key to unlocking cleaner sources of energy. VACGEN ultra-high vacuum technology underpins the operational requirements for nuclear reactors in advanced testing environments, including the extreme conditions needed to spark nuclear fusion.

Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum chambers can be used for energy research, nuclear fusion reactions or pipework for cascades in nuclear fission. These vacuum chambers and pipes need to be to built to exacting standards and from fully traceable materials.

Vacuum Valves

As a qualified supplier to this industry, we have a range of valves available. The likes of stop (Manual/Pneumatic) and control valves (manual or motorised) come in different sizes, from DN40 to DN150.


We are a trusted supplier of vacuum companies big and small and would love to be at the heart of your supply chain.

State of the art production line

Our production facility is a purpose built state-of-the-art building, designed around machining centres and flow lines for volume production capacity.

Everything under one roof

From 5-axis complex geometrical chambers with post-welding operations to ultra high vacuum cleaning techniques, we have everything under one roof.

Experts in UHV

Ultra-high vacuum product design and manufacture has been a central part of our business for over 50 years and we have the skills and knowledge to undertake your UHV project.

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