Improving World Health Through Scientific Development

Lives depend on medical processes that are defined by absolute cleanliness. We produce ultra-high vacuum chambers and valves for pioneering technologies such as plasma treatment systems, furthering the development of life-changing medical research.

Sustaining Ultra-Fine Cleaning with Ultra-High Vacuum

When creating safe environments for processes such as plasma coating and plasma cleaning, the removal of unwanted materials, fluids and gases from the atmosphere is absolutely critical. VACGEN can help you to achieve all-new capabilities, using ultra-high vacuum technology that is engineered around the most advanced requirements.

Technology With In-Built Trust

We’ll empower you to guarantee and prove that the right specifications are met at every stage of your process, with detailed inspection reports incorporated directly into your vacuum solution for ultimate peace of mind.

Why Choose VACGEN as your vacuum supply partner?

Our world renowned support comes from the knowledge and experience accumulated - our products are truly 'invented here'. We develop and supply the complete spectrum of UHV components, from the most basic gaskets and flanges through to complex turnkey assemblies. As a UHV 'single source' the depth of knowledge and experience within our company ensures that your energy and passion can focus on the challenges of your project - safe in the knowledge that the UHV content will just work - and keep on working.
Indeed, some VACGEN technologies are still delivering great results decades after installation.


We are a trusted supplier of vacuum companies big and small and would love to be at the heart of your supply chain.

State of the art production line

Our production facility is a purpose built state-of-the-art building, designed around machining centres and flow lines for volume production capacity.

Everything under one roof

From 5-axis complex geometrical chambers with post-welding operations to ultra high vacuum cleaning techniques, we have everything under one roof.

Experts in UHV

Ultra-high vacuum product design and manufacture has been a central part of our business for over 50 years and we have the skills and knowledge to undertake your UHV project.

Organisations who trust VACGEN technology


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