Academia and Government Research Laboratories

VACGEN manufacture and supply bespoke componentry and chambers for ultra-high vacuum systems for academic research facilities and government laboratories around the globe undertaking different material research and analysis. Our components are at the heart of your experiment.

Bespoke research chambers


Bespoke research chambers for Academia and Government Laboratories. Our facility accommodates build to print one-off chambers for material science, material analysis and deposition techniques. Our chambers are always UHV cleaned and ready for use in cleanroom environments.

Custom and catalogue designs

Components and Manipulation

Components, manipulation and auxiliary products for global research facilities. These can be catalogue or custom designs for linear movement, rotary feedthroughs or port aligners. All our components are UHV cleaned and ready of use in cleanroom environments.

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Vacgen will work with you from your initial concept to the final installed working system. You will be assigned a dedicated customer service manager who will keep you informed at every step of the process.
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