Semiconductor Electromechanical Assembly

Bespoke assemblies for your front-end manufacturing processes


Assembled in ISO Certified Class 7 Cleanroom

Within any vacuum chamber there are high tech electromechanical assemblies. Typical assemblies would be built to print to the customer’s design. At Vacgen we have manufacturing flow lines for the best scalable approach to manufacturing production volume “copy exact” type assemblies.

  • Wafer Cassettes 
  • Heater Assemblies 
  • Lens Assemblies 
  • Manipulation sub-assemblies 


Comprehensive Test Procedures

Our assemblies are built to print and can include comprehensive test procedures during the test and build phase. Depending on the customer requirements we can include Residual Gas Analysis on the assemblies before shipping from our facility.

  • Copy Exactly! adherence
  • Volume production 
  • Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) pre-shipment
  • Complex assemblies including wafer manipulation sub-assemblies
  • Designed and built to print
  • Movement in vacuum experience

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