Ion Gauge Controller (IGC5)

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IGC5 Controllers - Controllers, Leads and Gauges
Product Attributes Order Code
110V Controller IGC5 with single bakeout and pirani card with 10m K type thermocouple lead ZIGC5SET-110v*
240V Controller IGC5 with single bakeout and pirani card with 10m K type thermocouple lead ZIGC5SET-240v*
Pirani Board For optional second PVG head ZPVGEM
Bakeout Spare 10m K Type Thermocouple ZIGTCC10
5 m Ion Gauge Lead Fully Bakeable 200°C ZIPGB5U
10 m Ion Gauge Lead Fully Bakeable 200°C ZIPGB10U
Ion Gauge Closed Grid / Twin Iridium Filament ZVIG18
Ion Gauge Open Grid / Twin Iridium Filament ZVIG24
Ion Gauge Unflanged Closed Grid / Twin Iridium Filament SBVG17EG
Pirani Gauge KF10 Flange Bakeable to 50°C (ZIGC5 only) ZPVG521
Pirani Lead 2m Extension Lead ZPVGEC
VIG Replacement Gauge Head Connector ZVIGSK
VIG Connector Spare Pins ZEFT95C
Spares and Accessories
Item Notes Order Code
Spare filaments for Ion Gauges Thoria Coated 1 Set for ZVIG18 and 24 ZTIR23
Spare filaments for Ion Gauges Tungsten 2 Sets for ZVIG17 and 22 ZWW17

* These are two options of controller, and you will require leads and guages as listed in the table above.

Ion Gauge 1x Dual filament UHV. Thoria- or Yttria-coated Iridium filaments
Filament Drive Constant current dc (4A/10V)
Emission Control Microprocessor controlled precision PID control
Manual Emission User selections: 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, 0.25, 0.4, 0.6, 1, 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6, 10mA
Auto-emission Emission is automatically adjusted for optimum performance at measured pressure
Emission features Soft-start. Optional "new filament" setting to permit gentle heating. User-definable min & max emission 
Degas Ramped low/mid/high power
Degas Features User-defined ramp/soak periods. User-defined pressure suspend to allow vacuum recovery
Degas Pressure Continuous measurement during degas
Degas on/off No interruption to pressure measurement during degas start/stop
Electrometer Effective Range: 0.1pA to 1mA; equates to 1x10-13 to 1 mbar (gauge dependent). High thermal stability, low drift
Sensitivity 1.0 to 99.9 (resolution 0.1)
Pump-down User-defined auto pump-down: backing gauge dependent ion gauge start-up pressure; trip allocation for external events (valves...), delay time, restart time etc
Built in Supports ZPVG521
Number of Modules 1 module - with optional second module to run two ZPVG521
Built in Type K thermocouple. Standard mini-thermocouple connector
Range Room temperature to 500°C (16 bit resolution)
Bake-out Functions Precision CJC
Reproducibility <±0.2°C. Absolute <±2°C. User calibration available
6x ramp/soak steps, each up to 99.9 hours duration
Individual trip allocation for power switching
User-defined pressure interlocking (ramp suspend/time suspend/abort)
User-defined temperature hysteresis
Optional auto-degas at end of bake-out
Trips 7 (4x SPCO relays 1A24Vdc/ 0.5A125Vac + 3x NPN open collector 100mA/12Vdc)
Trip assignments Individually assignable: external interlock to any ion or backing gauge, ion gauge status (on, off, degas), bake-out power switching, pump down external drive
Digital Inputs 2x opto-isolated inputs. 3-30Vdc; 2.4kΩ input resistance
Digital Input assignment External interlock as trip for ion gauge; control over ion gauge on/off and degas either via input state or toggle state, bake-out trip, pump-down trip, backing gauge operation
Interlock Response times 0.2 sec max. Typically <0.1sec
Output Full scale range: -0.2V to 10.2V (12 bit resolution). User-definable min and max
Accuracy and reproducibility Precision reference-based:  <±0.2%
Assignment Ion gauge (emission and sensitivity corrected), any secondary gauge, gauge combinations, bake-out temperature
Functionality User-defined voltage range, assigned pressure/temperature range, lin or log relationship
Dimensions 19" rack mounting: WxHxD: 484x44x260mm
Weight 5.5kg
Electrical 115/230Vac. Live and Neutral fused: 2A for 230Vac, 3.15A for 115V
Power Consumption  4W (ion gauge off); max: 40W (high degas); typical: 4-10W (ion gauge on)
Display Dual gold OLED display:
Display 1: Graphical 100x16
Display 2: 2x 16 character
Data Resolution Ion gauge
Pressure: 1 or 2 decimal place resolution; Current: 4 significant digits (mA/µA/nA/pA)
Secondary/Tertiary gauges: 1 decimal place resolution
Temperature: <0.1°C measurement resolution, 1°C display resolution
Manual input Intuitive menu-driven via 5 front panel touch buttons
Comms ports Multi-drop RS232 (up to 8 units (port dependent)) and RS485-3 wire (up to 16 units)
TCP/IP option
Comms Settings 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 & 115200(RS485 only) baud
Parity: N, O or E. 8 bit + 1 start + 1 stop
Comms Protocols MODBUS protocol. Simultaneous multiple parameter read/write; floating point resolution
QUICKComm protocol: ASCII-based with frequent parameter dump
Comms connection 2x RJ45 for simple daisy-chaining