Magnetically coupled rotary drive (MRD6)

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Magnetically coupled rotary drive (MRD6)


MRD6 Magnetically-coupled Rotary Drives
DN Type Flange OD mm Type of Operation Breakaway Torque Nm Thrust N Max Rotation RPM Life Shipping weight kg Order Code
DN40 70 Manual 4 10 500 Standard 2.0 ZMRD6
DN40 70 Stepper Motor 4 1 500 Standard 2.3 ZMRD6MW
Technical Data:ZMRD6
Leak Rate <1x10-10 mbar l.s-1
Pressure Range 1x10-10 mbar – 2 bar absolute
Temperature Range 250 oC standard UHV drives (with motor/gearbox removed)
  200 oC Extended UHV drives (with motor/gearbox removed)
Materials Body – 316 stainless steel
  Mechanical parts – aluminium alloy – grade 6082
  Bearings – stainless steel
  Magnets – sintered rare-earth
Lubrication Dry film molybdenum disulphide (standard UHV drives)
  UHV compatible lubricant (extended life drives)
Actuation Manual, Stepper Motor, Encoder
Options Ceramic bearing options, special shaft length/diameters, available on request.



  • Vacuum enclosure machined from single piece of 316 stainless steel
  • No vacuum seals or bellows - no risk of leaks to atmosphere
  • Exceptional torsional rigidity
  • Zero angular backlash under low load/acceleration
  • Cannot be damaged by application of excessive torque
  • Long service life
  • Bakeable to 250 oC (standard UHV drive)
  • Motor can be fitted/removed in minutes
  • Manual drive has V-groove in drive knob for alternative motorisation