Magnetically coupled rotary drive (MRD91)

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Magnetically coupled rotary drive (MRD91)


Magnetically-coupled Rotary Drives (MRD91)
DN Type Flange OD mm Type of Operation Breakaway Torque Nm Thrust N Max Rotation RPM Life  Shipping weight kg Order Code 
DN19 34 Manual 0.5 10 1000 Standard 0.7 ZMRD91
DN19 34 Stepper Motor (1) 0.5 10 1000 Standard 1.0 ZMRD91W
DN19 34 Encoded Stepper (2) 0.5 10 1000 Standard 1.0 ZMRD91ME  
(1) Wired to suit SIMSTEP controller
(2) Complete with power supply and on board controls
Technical Data MRD91
Leak Rate <1x10-10 mbar l.s-1
Pressure Range 1x10-10 mbar – 2 bar absolute
Temperature Range 250 oC standard UHV drives (with motor/gearbox removed)
  200 oC Extended UHV drives (with motor/gearbox removed)
Materials Body – 316 stainless steel
  Mechanical parts – aluminium alloy – grade 6082
  Bearings – stainless steel
  Magnets – sintered rare-earth
Lubrication Dry film molybdenum disulphide (standard UHV drives)
  UHV compatible lubricant (extended life drives)
Actuation Manual, Stepper Motor, Encoder, DC Motor
Options Ceramic bearing options, special shaft length/diameters, available on request.



  • Vacuum enclosure machined from single piece of 316 stainless steel
  • No vacuum seals or bellows - no risk of leaks to atmosphere
  • Exceptional torsional rigidity
  • Zero angular backlash under low load/acceleration
  • Cannot be damaged by application of excessive torque
  • Long service life
  • Bakeable to 250 oC (standard UHV drive)
  • Motor can be fitted/removed in minutes
  • Manual drive has V-groove in drive knob for alternative motorisation