Manipulation Range

Precision movement, stability and positioning of samples and substrates within a vacuum envelope is an essential process in material analysis. Each VACGEN manipulator family offers unique characteristics to offer the user the widest possible range of stability, cost and testing conditions.

widebore omniax vacgen manipulator

Widebore Omniax

The Wide Bore Omniax was designed to be used with large cryostat cold fingers on DN100 flange. The larger top section of the in vacuum part of the cryostat cold finger fits into the 100mm Clear Bore Z bellows. The X and Y table is designed to take a cryostat which normally would have it’s own support tube of 54 mm. This gives you the maximum of ±25 mm of travel.

omniax vacgen manipulator


The Omniax manipulator is a fully UHV compatible double bellows manipulator with large probe capacity. It uses the unique VACGEN hinged flange and guided support tube to eliminate deflection due to vacuum loading providing extreme stability. It’s rigidity makes it ideal for long travels, multiple rotations, specimen security and capacity for feedthroughs

transax vacgen manipulator


The Transax is a fully UHV compatible double bellows manipulator, which is stable and versatile. It has a long travel range and is compatible with standard VACGEN sample handling equipment and rotary drive modules. Combines linear Z slide with an XY table bolted together to give a rigid interface for sample handling.

miniax vacgen manipulator


The Miniax XYZ manipulator offers a source of simple, low cost, manually driven manipulation. The single bellows construction makes it easy to use in any orientation. Despite the simple construction of the manipulator, the Miniax has good precision and is fully UHV compatible.

hpt vacgen manipulator


The HPT High Precision manipulator is a simple, cost effective, single bellows, translator designed as a small compact and light manipulator platform. The wide bore of the HPT allows probe diameters of up to 19mm with full vectorial movement of +/- 12.5mm and can be fully motorised.