Miniax XYZ Manipulator

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Miniax Translators
DN Type Base Flange OD mm Z Travel mm Feedthrough Flange A mm C mm Order Code Available In Stock
DN40 70 50 N/A 160 to 210 250 ZXYZ0570 YES
DN40 70 100 N/A 160 to 260 301 ZXYZ1070  
DN100 152 50 4 x 34mm OD 160 to 210 260 ZXYZ0515  
DN100 152 100 4 x 34mm OD 160 to 260 301 ZXYZ1015 YES



  • Single bellows design for mounting in any orientation.
  • XY travel of ±12.5 mm guided with cross roller bearings.
  • Z travel options of 50mm or 100mm guided by plain bushes.
  • Bakeable to 200°C.
  • XY 1 micron Micrometers are vacuum conditioned.
  • Full UHV specification.
  • Compatible with VACGEN sample handling and accessories
  • The standard base flange is 152mm OD (NW100CF) with straddled clearance holes for mounting the translator.
  • Four mini ports, tapped M4, are provided for service feedthroughs (152mm OD base flange only)
  • The travelling flange is 70mm OD (NW35CF) with M6 tapped holes, straddled about the Y axis
  • An optional 70mm OD (NW35CF) base flange
  • Double bolt holes on mounting flange.
  • Operating pressure 1 bar to 10-11 mbar
  • Leak rate 1x10-10 mbarl-s
  • XY Resolution 0.001mm repeatability 0.005mm
  • Z  Resolution 0.005mm repeatability 0.010mm