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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best manipulator?

The Omniax is our flag ship manipulator and can be fully configured in a range of options. This manipulator is extremely rigid and can take up to 20kg load capacity. For more information visit the product page

How do I maintain my manipulator?

Please download the Omniax Operating Instructions for how to maintain your manipulator. If you have any specific questions which are not included in the manual, please contact

How do I replace my worm and wheel drive?

We have an assembly guide to explain how to replace your worm and wheel drive on your current manipulator. Please download the assembly guide

Drives and Motion

Can I replace the bellows in my wobblestick?

Yes, we can provide you with an RMA for you to return your wobblestick for a bellows refurbishment. Please ask Sales for a quotation and RMA form.

How do I replace the seals on my DPRF?

We have an assembly guide to walk you through the steps of changing and/or cleaning your DPRF and RP100 seals. Please download the assembly guide


What material should I design my chamber in?

The material for your chamber will depend on your target application. If your application requires low energy electrons then Mu-Metal liners on a Stainless Steel chamber could be the best solution for you. Contact one of our engineers today

Do you have a maximum size chamber you can provide?

Typically our maximum chamber size is 700x700x1000mm and 500kg mass.

Can you help me design a chamber?

Yes, our dedicated chamber engineers can walk you through the steps for designing a chamber. If you have a sketch or 2D drawing then please send us your requirements to and we will be in touch


Is there a specific torque setting for my CR valve?

Yes, please download the manual for torque settings and drive nut sizes.

How do I change the pad in my LVM leak valve?

To replace the sealing pad on your LVM valve please download the assembly guide, there is also a helpful video which will walk you through the steps. Visit the Technical Videos part of our website

What pressure range can I use my CR valve?

The CR range of valve have an operating pressure from 1x10-12 mbar to 4 bar.

Support and Service

Please find a selection of Assembly Guides available to download at your convenience. These are to be used in conjunction with the manuals and assume the user has technical abilities to service the product in the field. Repairs are under taken at the user's own risk. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and one of our staff will be more than happy to locate the document for you.
  • XYZ Manipulators

    Bellows Assembly HPT-RX & WX

    Replacing Drive Nut HPT

    Z Bellows Replacement Transax

    Z Slide Nut Replacement Transax

    X&Y Bellows Removal Omniax

    X&Y Bellows Replacement Transax

    Replacing Worm and Wheel Omniax

    Cooling Replacement Omniax

    Z Bellows Replacement Omniax

    Gas Cooling

    Manipulation Cooling

    Replacing Co-Axial Cooling Gasket

    Replacing Cajon Gasket

    Sample Holders

    Heater Specifications

    XL25 Heater Assembly

    SH2 and SH2F Drive Wire Replacement

    EBH Filament

    HST and PBN Filament


    Replacing +/- 12.5mm Micrometer

    Replacing +/- 25mm Micrometer

    Sublimation Pump

    ZST22 Filament Replacement

    Hinged Door

    O-Ring Replacement

  • Rotary Drives

    RD1, 6 & 7 Bellows Replacement

    RD2 Bellows Replacement

    RD91 and RD94 Bellows Replacement

    RD93 Bellows Replacement

    RD2 Azimuthal Barrel Change


    ZCR Valve Pad Replacement

    ZVRD O Ring Replacement

    ZLVM Pad Replacement

    ZLVM Replacement Arm and Control Knob

    ZMD95 Overhaul

    GV Bellows Assembly

    Transfer Devices

    MLRD and MLD Front Bearing Assembly

    RLRP and LRP Front Bearing Assembly

    MLRV and MLRM Tube Replacement

    LTM Drive Screw Assembly

    Rotary Platforms

    DPRF Seal Replacement and Assembly

    RP100 Seal Replacement

    Ion Gauges

    ZTIR Iridium Filament Assembly

    ZWW17 Tungsten Filament Assembly

    ZVIG Grid Change


    Lubrication Kit ZLUBEK