Primary & Secondary Rotary Drive (RD2)

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The RD2 uses the same primary axis movement as the RD1 and has the full RD1 options of extended shafts and motorisations. In addition, the RD2 is fitted with a high resolution actuator to give 12mm or 24mm linear movement. This operates the azimuthal (R2) or tilt (R3) movements of this standard VACGEN SH series sample holders. The standard linear resolution is 0.02mm, but angular graduations can be supplied. The secondary axis can be motorised to give 5 microns resolution in half step mode. Adjustable microswitches are included with the RD2 motor kit.

Primary & Secondary Rotary Drive (RD2)
Flange OD
Primary Rotation  Linear Secondary Motion Resolution Primary 
Resolution Secondary 
Torque Primary  Gearbox ratio Shipping Weight (kg) Order Code
70 Continuous* 12mm 0.1 0.02 5Nm at 10 rpm - 3.0 ZRD2
70 Continuous* 24mm 0.1 0.02 5Nm at 10 rpm - 3.0 ZRD224
Stepper Motor Kit Primary (R1) Continuous* - 0.01 - 4Nm at 16 rpm max 45:1   ZRDPMKW
Stepper Motor + encoder Kit Continuous* - 1.01 - 4Nm at 16 rpm max 45:1   ZRDPMKE
 Primary (R1)Stepper Motor Kit secondary (R2) - max 24mm 0.01 18 steps per 0.005 mm - 09:01   ZRDSMKW
Stepper Motor + encoder secondary (R2) - max 24mm 1.01 18 steps per 0.005 mm - 09:01   ZRDSMKE
* Continuous rotation where fixtures on the end of the rotary drive allow this



  • Low backlash
  • Continuous rotation to 500rpm
  • 70mm OD flange
  • Graduated handwheel with Vernier scale
  • Axial Load: rotary shaft 40N
  • Linear shaft movements of 12 and 24mm
  • Long life bellows
  • Bakeable to 230°C (motors removed)
  • Stepper motor kits
  • Encoder options