Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) Sample Manipulators for Defence & Aerospace

UHV sample manipulators play an essential role in a variety of vacuum manipulation systems. They are used to move objects around within a vacuum chamber, while avoiding contamination of the system by introducing air into its pressure-controlled environment.

UHV Sample Manipulation

UHV sample manipulators work by using an external system to remotely control the movement of their associated object. UHV sample manipulators can often be programmed with instructions for controlled positioning during experiments, eliminating the need for manual manipulation and ensuring precise movement every time.

UHV sample manipulators have extremely flexible joints which allow for a variety of actions, including moving laterally, rotating, and lifting. By controlling these three degrees of freedom, users can position samples accurately to prevent them from touching any surfaces or objects present inwithin the vacuum system.

Extreme Test Conditions

UHV sample manipulators can be outfitted different temperature control allowing samples to mimic outer space environments more accurately.

When working with the extreme test conditions required in the defence and aerospace sector, ensuring frictionless movement of materials at different temperatures is essential. By using UHV sample manipulators, testing can be conducted in the most controlled environments, furthering the potential of your research – without limits.


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