Transax Z Slide

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Transax Z-slide - Technical Data
Parameter Specification
Resolution - Manual 10 microns
Resolution - Motorised 5 microns
Repeatability - Manual 10 microns
Repeatability - Motorised 5 microns
Maximum Speed - Motorised  10 mm.s-1
Z Slide Modules and Accessories
Travel Range 
Order Code
150 MTXZ15
300 MTXZ30
450 MTXZ45
600 MTXZ60
Worm Drive Upgrade (not available for MTXZ15) ZTRWD
Z Axis Stepper Motor ZTRSMKW
Z Axis Stepper Motor and Encoder ZTRSMKE
Z Axis DC Motor       ZTRDCMK1



  • Edge welded bellows
  • Z travel ranges are 150, 300 and 450 mm
  • Feedthrough chamber with 3 radial mini ports
  • Clear bore of 33mm (without support tube) for larger bore Z only translations.
  • Optional worm drive for longer travels, recommended for 450 translators
  • Linear motion: Handwheel 1 turn provides 2mm travel
  • Motorised Z travel: stepper with limit switches option
  • Top flange is 70mm OD Conflat tapped
  • Mounting flange is 70mm OD Conflat
  • Bakeout temperature to 230°C fully assembled (motors and switches removed)
  • Any mounting orientation
  • Manual operation; 10 micron resolution: repeatability 10 micron.
  • Stepper motor operation; 5 micron resolution: repeatability 5 micron.
  • Maximum motorised speed 10mm/sec
  • Operating pressure 1 bar to 10-11 mbar
  • Leak rate <1x10-10 mbar l-s