Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) Valves for Defence & Aerospace

With their unrivaled capabilities, ultra-high vacuum valves are at the forefront of defence and aerospace research — helping experts develop and improve technology in the most extreme environments.

Vacuum Chambers

An extreme high vacuum chamber is an enclosed space with a pressure lower than the Earth’s atmosphere. This vacuum environment is required to conduct experiments that would otherwise be impossible in normal pressure conditions.

Achieving and maintaining this level of vacuum requires one or more valves, which control the flow of air in and out of the chamber. Often, these valves will be corrosion-resistant and ‘bakeable’ to an extreme temperature, suitable for withstanding the extreme pressures experienced..

Vacuum Valves

Angle valves, leak valves, or gate valves are often required within any vacuum system, the valves are used to enable a fast insertion of a sample into the vacuum system or to control the pressure or ion current within an ion source for example.

Complex but precise control over incoming gas flow can be achieved without compromising the level of purity needed for experiments. Without this control, it would be impossible to maintain the required environment in a laboratory setting.


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