Why Choose VACGEN?

With our long history of designing and developing core UHV technologies, we have been the partner of choice in milestone technology advances over the last fifty years.

Because we develop our own designs, control methods and content from the raw materials right through to finished UHV components entirely in-house, we have complete ownership of the product lifecycle. Our world renowned support comes from the knowledge and experience accumulated - our products are truly 'invented here'.

We develop and supply the complete spectrum of UHV components, from the most basic gaskets and flanges through to complex turnkey assemblies. As a UHV 'single source' the depth of knowledge and experience within our company ensures that your energy and passion can focus on the challenges of your project - safe in the knowledge that the UHV content will just work - and keep on working.

Indeed, some VACGEN technologies are still delivering great results decades after installation.

The Importance of Quality - Getting it right

Our UK high technology manufacturing base has the most experienced design team and the largest cleanroom assembly area in the sector, letting us deliver and support your projects where others may struggle. We have the agility and resources to align our manufacturing with your timescale and deliver at a time or rate that suits you.


Our customers, their needs and expectations, are the starting point for all we do. Our task is to create satisfied customers by delivering products and services within the areas of surface physics, atomic physics and UHV technology that will exceed our customers’ expectations.


In order to assure ourselves that all the business requirements have been fulfilled, we have established a system of quality management that involves all our processes, and that is a tool for continuous development of processes, staff, products and the company.


Our attitudes towards each other, to the work we do and not least our approach to customers, is of decisive importance for the quality of the products and services we supply, which is vital to our success as a company.


In order to ensure that we at a minimum meet the requirements of customers and to constantly make improvements, we have developed a quality management system in accordance with international quality standards and best practice manufacturing techniques. Our management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

A Proven Track Record

Technology building blocks from VACGEN are used widely across the world's leading Universities and major research institutions, from NASA and the European Space Agency to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

VACGEN components and technology are almost ubiquitous across the product offering aimed at: surface science, advanced thin film and semiconductor processing from research tool manufacturing companies globally. Our products have literally left the planet - on the Giotto space probe to Halley’s Comet and even the Mars Landers.

That's why when it absolutely has to be right, great minds specify VACGEN

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