Our Competencies, Our People

Our Competencies, Our People

With over 50 years industry experience, our core competence is in the expert design, engineering, manufacture and clean-room assembly of chambers and manipulation subsystems.

Silicon Wafer inside Photolithography Machine. Shot of Lithography Process that allows to Create Complex Patterns on a Wafer during Semiconductor and Computer Chip Manufacturing at Fab or Foundry.



In a high technology business, you have to be confident in the partners you choose to provide mission critical technology, equipment and services. You need to know that your partners can deliver and support what you need, when you need it. As your business grows and develops your need to work with partners that can support that growth. That's where we come in.




We’re a fully-fledged UHV equipment manufacturer. At our factory in the UK we exploit extensive engineering resources to take raw materials right through the entire manufacturing workflow, producing finished UHV components, everything happens here.




Our world renowned support comes from the knowledge and experience accumulated - our products are truly 'invented here'. We develop and supply the complete spectrum of UHV components, from the most basic gaskets and flanges through to complex turnkey assemblies.

Our Strengths

  • Design for Manufacture

  • Functionality Modelling

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

  • CAD/CAM Software Support

  • Structural Analysis

  • Thermal Dynamics

  • Acoustic Isolation for Resonant Frequencies <100hz

  • Controls

  • Prototyping

Our Tools

  • CNC Milling (3,4 and 5 axis)

  • CNC Turning with Driven Tools

  • Semi CNC (3 axis)

  • Welding - Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Ni/Fe Alloys

  • Surface Finishing - Bead Blasting, Electropolishing and Brushing

  • Cleaning - Citrus based, Ultrasound and Acid

  • Heat Treatment

  • CMM Inspection

Our Methods

  • ISO 14644-1 Class 7 Cleanroom

  • Flow Line Assembly

  • Efficient Kanban System

  • Cleanroom Ready Packaging

  • RGA Scanning

  • Optional Pre-Bake Service for Vacuum Chambers

The Importance of Quality


Owning our product lifecycle ensures unparalleled control of quality, and gives us a deep understanding of each and every one of our products, from the simplest component through to the most complex assembly. We understand how they perform and interact across a host of applications and within numerous environments. This gives great confidence to the end user and allows us to support everything we supply in a uniquely informed manner.