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Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions, downloadable assembly guides and downloadable operating Instructions.

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Check out our video guides on choosing the right vacuum component and how to maintain your product for extended life

Movement in Vacuum


Read our short brochures on Vacuum Components, Vacuum Chambers and Industry Specific guides for more information on our capabilities and standard components.


Vacuum Components Catalogue

Our full catalogue of vacuum components and sample manipulation.


Vacuum Chambers Brochure

A short brochure on vacuum chambers for different industries requiring vacuum systems.

Chemical Valve range

Nuclear Industry Products Brochure

Components for the nuclear industry, including our range of UF6 valves and quality standards.

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Vacuum Components Brochure

Standard vacuum components including valves, drives and motion for ultra-high vacuum systems.


Semiconductor Components Brochure

A short brochure on semiconductor products including chambers, transfer and load lock systems.


Drives & Motion Brochure

Vacuum drives and motions product overview including rotary drives and wobble sticks.

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Sample Manipulation Brochure

Our sample manipulator range including the Omniax, Miniax and custom manipulator platforms.

Right Angle Valve

Vacuum Valves Brochure

An overview on our vacuum valves range and the key specifications.


Material Science Brochure

Learn more about how vacuum technology can assist the Material Science Industry.

Assembly Guides & Operating Instructions

Do you need assistance with your product? View our handy assembly guides and operating instructions to perform essential maintenance on your vacuum product.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sample Manipulation

What manipulator should I purchase for Synchrotron applications?

The Omniax is our flagship manipulator, designed for high resolution & repeatability. This manipulator is extremely rigid and can take up to a 20kg payload capacity. For more information visit the product page.

How do I replace by worm & wheel drive?

We have an assembly guide to explain how to replace your worm and wheel drive on your current manipulator. Please download the assembly guide here.

How do I maintain my manipulator?

All our sample manipulators will require a service after a number of years.

It's great to keep your product in top shape by either contacting us for an RMA to return the product for a paid service. Or if you want to do some maintenance in the lab, download the Omniax Operating Instructions for how to maintain your manipulator. If you have any specific questions which are not included in the manual, please contact

Assembly Guides to assist you with routine maintenance:

> X&Y Bellows Removal

> Worm & Wheel Replacement

> Cooling Replacement

> Z Bellows Replacement

Vacuum Chambers

What material should I design my vacuum chamber in?

The material for your chamber will depend on your specific application. Mu-metal is commonly used for electron spectroscopy applications to minimise external magnetic interference which can distort the trajectories of electron leading to inaccuracies in spectroscopy measurements. VACGEN typically manufacture vacuum chambers in 304/316 LN stainless steel, aluminium and mu-metal. Contact one of our engineers today <ahref=""> for design assistance.

Read more on vacuum chambers from our media page:

> Why is mu-metal used for electron spectroscopy chambers?

> What is a vacuum chamber and how does it work?

> What are typical vacuum chamber applications?

Could VACGEN assist with the design of my vacuum chamber?

Yes, our expert vacuum chamber engineers can walk you through the steps for designing a chamber. If you have a sketch or 2D drawing then please send us your requirements to and an engineer will be in contact to discuss your requirements.

Read more on vacuum chambers from our media page:

> What is a vacuum chamber and how does it work?

> What are typical vacuum chamber applications?

What are the size limitations to a vacuum chamber?

Typically our maximum chamber size is 700x700x1000mm and 500kg mass.

Read more on vacuum chambers from our media page:

> How are vacuum chambers designed?

> What is the difference in high, ultra high and extreme high vacuum chambers?

Vacuum Drives & Motion

My wobblestick is leaking, what do I do?

If you have encountered a leak with your wobble stick, please contact and the sales team will provide you with a repair cost estimation quote and RMA decontamination form. Once your product has been returned for assessment, we will contact you to go ahead with the replacement bellows operation.

How do I replace the seals on my DPRF?

All our components require routine maintenance and replacing or cleaning the seals on your DPRF or RP100 rotary platform is a relatively straight forward task. We have an assembly guide to walk you through the steps of changing and/or cleaning your DPRF and RP100 seals. Please download the assembly guide below.

> DPRF Seals

> RP100 Seals

Vacuum Valves

How do I calibrate my leak valve?

Leak valve calibration is required after the initial bake out cycle and after routine maintenance intervals such as replacing the sealing pad. Please follow the instructions on the guide below to full re-calibrate your valve.

> LVM Calibration Video

Is there a specific torque setting for my CR valve?

Yes, please download the manual for torque settings and drive nut sizes.

> CR Valve Manual

How do I change the pad in my LVM leak valve?

To replace the sealing pad on your LVM valve please download the assembly guide below and follow the handy steps. There is also a helpful video link here, to guide you through the steps.

> LVM Replacement Pad

> LVM Replacement Arm and Control Knob

> LVM Valve Manual

For CAD Models visit individual products pages

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