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Product Videos

Product overview and service guides for some of our most popular products


A Beginners Guide to Vacuum

L&D Dimensions Explained

VACMAN Learns to Talk

Product Guides

Rotary Drives and Sample Holders

Sample Holders

Magnetic Rotary Drives

Rotary Drives

Wobble Sticks

Mechanical Hands

Flag Style Wobble Sticks

Mag Probes and Rack Probes

SIM Step Part 1

SIM Step Part 2

Leak Valves

Right Angle Valves

Miniax XYZ Manipulation

UHV Flanges

UHV Gaskets

Service Guides

LVM Leak Valve Service

MD95 Leak Valve Service

LVM Leak Valve Calibration

Mag Probes and Rack Probes Service

Mag Probe Magnet Re-Coupling

SH2 Sample Holder Service