UHV Linear Actuators

UHV Linear Actuators

UHV Linear Actuators can be used for a range of applications, such as inserting plasma diagnostic equipment into the main chamber or small distance travel moving electron optics nearer to a loaded sample.

Our product range of UHV linear actuators utilise high quality edge-welded bellows and have a linear motion range from 25mm to 600mm. The method of actuation used differs between the ranges depending on the accuracy and speed of movement required.

UHV Linear Actuators Applications

Just some of the diverse applications of VACGEN’s UHV Linear Actuators:


Plasma Diagnostics:

Our UHV Linear Actuators are perfect for inserting plasma diagnostic equipment into the main chamber, enabling detailed analysis and experimentation.

Semicon Chamber II

Electron Optics Adjustment:

These actuators facilitate small-distance travel, allowing precise movement of electron optics nearer to loaded samples. This precision is vital for electron microscopy and other detailed imaging techniques.


Sample Handling:

UHV Linear Actuators play a crucial role in sample handling processes, ensuring samples are positioned accurately and securely for various analyses.

Spectroscopy Setups:

Achieve optimal alignment and focus in spectroscopy setups, enhancing the accuracy of measurements and data collection.


Thin Film Deposition:

Enable controlled movement during thin film deposition processes, guaranteeing uniform coating and high-quality results.

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