UHV Rotary Drives

UHV Rotary Drives

UHV Rotary drives are used where a vacuum process requires a sample or components to be accurately rotated within the vacuum chamber. This can range from something as simple as spinning an attenuating chopper wheel, to accurately moving a sample to face from one analyser to another. VACGEN provide a comprehensive range of manually or motor driven rotary drives bellows & magnetic coupling options available.

UHV Rotary Drives Applications

Here are just a selection of the various real applications of rotary drives:

Rotary Drives

Analytical Instrumentation

UHV Rotary Drives play a pivotal role in analytical instruments, precisely positioning samples for accurate readings and analyses.

Semicon Chamber

Thin Film Deposition

Ensure uniform coating and deposition with controlled rotation, vital for creating high-quality thin films used in semiconductor and optics industries.

Device X-ray Diffraction and Elemental Analysis with monitor

Material Characterisation

Researchers rely on our rotary drives to facilitate precise sample orientation, enabling in-depth material characterisation through techniques such as X-ray diffraction.

Nanotechnology electronic equipment with deep vacuum

Optical Devices

UHV Rotary Drives are instrumental in the fabrication of optical devices, allowing accurate rotation for intricate lens alignment and precision optics assembly.

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