Basic Wobble Stick - WS20

UHV Wobble Stick

The WS20 is a basic style of wobble stick with limited linear and angular movement. A manually operated wobble stick with 20mm linear travel and 15° angular movement. Operated via an ergonomic actuator ball to give the user a 'true' feeling of position within the chamber.

Key Features

Linear and Angular Movement

±7.5° Angular Movement

Travel Lengths


6.35mm OD Shaft

Tapped M3 Mounting Holes

Fully Bakeable to 250°C

No Need To Dismantle Any Part of the Drive

Leak Rate

1x10-10 mbar l/s -1

Position Lock

Enables Sample To Be Locked In Position

Information Table


Basic Wobble Stick

Flange OD mm Linear Travel mm Retracted Airside mm Extended Airside mm Extended Vacuum side  mm Retracted Vacuum side mm Order Code
70 20 125 105 125 105 ZWS20