Since 1964, VACGEN (VG) has been the name synonymous with high quality ultra high vacuum products and services. From the manufacture of the first UHV valve to some of the most advanced vacuum research systems built, over 50 years in the research and scientific industry has given us an incredible grounding in the needs of our customers, how we can support new projects through the design phase, delivered product and ongoing support.

VACGEN remains the  partner of choice for the next generation of researchers, innovators and builders. From our UK high tech manufacturing base, our focus is on delivering enabling technologies and supporting our customers across industry and academia.

Helping you take the next leap forward

Why choose us?

With our long history of designing and developing core UHV technologies and our world leading quality, we've been the partner of choice enabling milestone technology advances over the last fifty years.

The value of partnership

Whether you’re in academic research or a high technology business, you have to be confident in the partners you choose to provide mission critical technology, equipment and services.

50 years of innovation

Since 1964, we've been at the heart of partnerships that have exploited UHV technology to push the boundaries of the possible.