55mm Clear Bore Dual Stage DPRF

Differentially Pumped Rotary Feedthrough - DPRF55

The DPRF55(2) is a differentially pumped rotary feedthrough (DPRF) available in coarse, manual high precision and motorised high precision options. Mounted on a 114mm OD CF flange with 55mm clear bore and two 34mm OD CF pumping ports on the base flange. The DPRF55(2) allows for a instrumentation such as a cryostat or cold finger to be inserted and continuously rotated within the vacuum chamber without effect on the ambient chamber pressure. A high capacity load permits up to 130kg pay loads to be tolerated. PTFE seals can be replaced upon maintenance service intervals to prolong the life of the rotary feedthrough.

Key Features

Continuous Rotation into the Chamber

360° Rotation

55mm Clear Bore

Mounted on 114mm OD CF Flange

High Maximum Load Capacity

130kg Axial Load and 10 Nm Axial Load

Replaceable PTFE Seals

Serviceable In The Field

Fully Bakeable to 230°C

With Motors Removed

Leak Rate

1x10-10 mbar l/s -1

Maximum Rotation Speed


Interspace Pumping

Dual 34mm OD CF Pumping Ports

Information Table


DPRF55(2) with Actuation Options

Flange OD mm Actuation Method Resolution Degrees ° Max Rotation Speed RPM Rotation Torque Nm Maximum Axial Load Kg Bakeout Temperature Order Code
114 Manual 2 - 8 130 230°C ZDPRF552
114 High Precision Hand Wheel 0.05 1.0 0.2 130 230°C ZDPRF552H
114 Stepper Motor 0.0075 2.0 - 130 230°C* ZDPRF552W
114 Encoded Stepper Motor 0.0075 2.0 - 130 230°C* ZDPRF552ME

*230°C with motors removed

DPRFs should be connected to the system or stand alone pump, and should be pumped all the time the system is being pumped.