LDP Linear Drives

Push-Pull UHV Linear Drives

UHV Linear Drives can be used for a range of applications requiring small distance travel such as opening and closing a source shutter. The LDP are our most basic range of linear drives for applications such as opening a source shutter or scribing onto a sample face, where accuracy is not required. Available in 2 conflat flange sizes, 34mm and 70mm OD. The product range utilise high quality edge-welded bellows and have a linear motion range from 25mm to 150mm.

Key Features

Linear Non-Rotating Probe

Travel Ranges 25-150mm

34mm OD Flange with 9mm Shaft

M4 x 6mm Deep

70mm OD Flange with 33mm Travelling Mount

4x M5 Holes 7mm Deep on 25.4 PCD

Manual Version Fully Bakeable to 250°C

No Need To Dismantle Any Part of the Drive

Axial Thrust 25N

High Capacity Load

Position Scale

Only On 34mm OD Flange

Information Table LDP

Schematic 9 Series

9 Series

Flange OD mm Travel mm Actuation L mm R mm E mm Order Code
34 25 Manual 264 90 116 ZLDP925
34 50 Manual 323 90 141 ZLDP950
34 100 Manual 441 90 192 ZLDP910
34 150 Manual 559 90 242 ZLDP915

2 Series

Flange OD mm Travel mm Actuation L mm R mm E mm Order Code
70 25 Manual 140 33 58 ZLDP225
70 50 Manual 174 41 92 ZLDP250
70 100 Manual 241 58 160 ZLDP210
70 150 Manual 308 74 226 ZLDP215

Schematic 2 Series