MRD6 Magnetic Rotary Drive

Magnetically Coupled UHV Rotary Drive

The MRD6 is a manual or motorised magnetic rotary drive which uses high strength Sm2Co17 magnetic coupling to transfer rotational forces into the vacuum envelope. This is achieved without any dynamic seals or bellows making these devices exceptionally robust and no risk of a vacuum leak for the life of the drive. The MRD6 is fitted with Index scale and position lock. The magnetic coupling ensures the devices are exceptionally robust and cannot be damaged with excessive torque. The drive is fully bakeable to 250°C with the motors removed.

Key Features

Continuous 360° Rotation

Maximum 500rpm

Graduated Handwheel

1° Manual Resolution and 0.9° Motorised

Zero Angular Backlash

Axial Load 10N

Magnetically Coupled

SmCo Magnetic Coupling offers Zero Backlash

Manual Version Fully Bakeable to 250°C

No Need To Dismantle Any Part of the Drive

Low Torque

Breakaway Torque 0.5Nm

Fully Motorised Options

Stepper Motors, Encoded Stepper Motors

Bellows Free Design

Zero Risk of Leak to Atmosphere

Information Table



Flange OD mm Actuation Rotation Range Resolution Breakaway Torque Max RPM Order Code
70mm Manual 360° Continuous 4 500 ZMRD6
70mm Stepper Motor 360° Continuous 0.9° 4 500 ZMRD6MW