UHV System Design for Engineering Projects

UHV System Design for Engineering Projects

At VACGEN, our extensive knowledge of vacuum solutions allows us to underpin the success of your design - bringing concepts to reality with speed, efficiency and a ‘right first time’ mindset.

At the forefront of the industry for over 50 years, we’re specialists in all aspects of UHV system design, build and application - including material selection and design, electromechanical assemblies, sample and substrate manipulators and ultra-clean processes.


Our Project Process, Built for Your Success

At VACGEN, we know that no UHV project is typical – but with three collaborative phases to underpin your project, we know we can deliver unrivalled results.

From kick starting your project with expert guidance, guaranteeing success during applications or cleanroom ready manufacturing, start your project with VACGEN to ensure your success.

Phase 1: Concept

Kick-Start Your Project with Expert Guidance

We’ll provide a dedicated project engineer to work with you on your project plan, from design to delivery. Our approach - tailored to each project - is based on finding the best solution for your vacuum system, with quality and competence at its core.

You’ll benefit from:

  • A dedicated project engineer, who will be a key point of contact during every stage of your project

  • Design for manufacture, ensuring your build is created for success from the start

  • A wealth of experience, providing long-term value by paving the way for trusted and proven results.

Phase 2: Design

Guarantee Success During Application


Our engineers have a wealth of knowledge based around material selection, finishes and coatings to find the best solution to suit your needs.

We’ll work in partnership with your product team to develop and adapt your design to optimise it for manufacture, using the latest design software to achieve innovative results that can be produced to your exact specification.

We can also offer CAD support, thermal dynamics experience and structural analysis input to ensure your design functions to its full potential.

Phase 3: Manufacture

Cleanroom-Ready Manufacturing


Our state-of-the-art facility is set up for volume production, allowing us to keep up with your demands and scale up or down, precisely as required.

Before production begins, we can produce rapid prototypes to confirm your material selection and further guarantee that the design is compatible with your overall system build. In addition, our assemblies are built to print and can include comprehensive test procedures – as well as one-off batches to assess.

From the semiconductor industry to material science, mass spectrometry and material deposition, VACGEN are the experts you need to support innovative engineering projects that guarantee success during application.

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