Triax XYZ Manipulator

A large clear bore manipulator with single bellows and a compact envelope easing integration into Ultra-High Vacuum systems

Triax XYZ Manipulator

The Triax multi-axes sample manipulator is used for positioning the sample under ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions. The XYZ manipulator when combined with a sample holder and rotary drive allows precise positioning within the chamber. Find out more below about compatible accessories.

The universal orientation and small footprint allows for the end-user to make better use of the air-side chamber space. Our manipulatrion range is designed to be modular to give the customer ultimate flexibility. For our full range of modular components, contact us today.

Product Specifications

The Triax has a universal mounting orientation to allow ultimate flexibility when fitting, and a compact envelope size makes it the perfect addition to any system. You can choose between two base size flanges, 114mm and 152mm.

  • XY Micrometers ±12.5mm
  • Z travel range 50mm - 600mm
  • Leak rate 1x10-10 mbar l/s
  • 200°c max bakeout temperature
  • 40mm clear bore

Additional Features

The Triax can be fitted with numerous additional features for your convenience. A travelling feedthrough chamber can be fitted as standard when heating or cooling modules are selected to allow for easy connection to the feedthrough ports. Liquid Nitrogen cooling capillaries can be contained within the support tube.

  • Liquid Nitrogen Cooling
  • Digital Read Out on XYZ Axes
  • Tilt Adaptor
  • NEMA17 Motors

Compatible Accessories

Choose from a range of compatible accessories for a completely customised manipulator, to suit your application requirements. All of our XYZ family can be fitted with primary and secondary rotation, sample holders, heater modules and liquid nitrogen cooling.

Customise your XYZ manipulator with primary and secondary rotation with a selection of sample holders to suit your application.

Fitting a DPRF (Differentially pumped rotary feedthrough) or RP100 module will allow 360 degree rotation for a cryostat or helium cold finger.

Heating modules can be fitted to your sample holder with a range including PBN and EBH heaters, allowing up to 1200°c sample heating.

Liquid Nitrogen cooling can also be added to your sample holder to reach temperatures as low as -165°c.

Other Manipulators in the family

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