RD93 Primary Rotary Drive

Bellows Sealed UHV Rotary Drive

The ZRD93 is a manual rotary drive mounted on a 34mm OD CF flange and provides a low torque option for rotary motion in the chamber. The removeable manual thimble and locking screw can give alternative input shaft options. This mini drive is dimensionally compatible with other miniature drives on the market. The drive is fully bakeable to 250°C.

Key Features

Continuous 360° Rotation

Maximum 300rpm

Low Backlash

±1° Angular Backlash

Removable Manual Thimble

Provides alternative input shaft options

Manual Version Fully Bakeable to 250°C

No Need To Dismantle Any Part of the Drive

High Thrust Capabilities


Low Torque

0.01 at 300rpm

Information Table



Flange OD mm Actuation Rotation Range Resolution Torque Nm 300rpm Torque Nm Hand Turned Order Code
34mm Manual 360° Continuous - 0.01 0.1 ZRD93