RD94 Primary Rotary Drive

Bellows Sealed UHV Rotary Drive

The ZRD94 is a manual rotary drive mounted on a 34mm OD CF flange and has excellent torque characteristics with 0.08 Nm at 400rpm. The drive has a graduated handwheel with 5° resolution and low angular backlash of ±1°. The drive is fully bakeable to 250°C.

Key Features

Continuous 360° Rotation

Maximum 400rpm

Low Backlash

±1° Angular Backlash

42mm Solid Shaft

6.35mm OD

Manual Version Fully Bakeable to 250°C

No Need To Dismantle Any Part of the Drive


5° Graduated Top Cap

Low Torque

0.08 Nm at 400rpm

Information Table



Flange OD mm Actuation Rotation Range Resolution Torque Nm 400rpm Torque Nm 10rpm Order Code
34mm Manual 360° Continuous 0.08 0.4 ZRD94
  • Available in 70mm OD CF Flange on Request