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UHV Non-Magnetic Transfer Probes

The rack and pinion design provides an accurate means of linear and rotary motion into the vacuum chamber. These devices are magnet free and designed for applications requiring low magnetic permeability. Transfer probes are used to transport samples or instruments within the vacuum chamber over long distances.


Key Features

  • Linear Only
  • Travel 305-914mm
  • High Precision
  • Continuous 360° Rotation
  • Max Load Capacity 0.3kg
  • 70mm OD CF Flange
  • Fully Bakeable 250°C
Non-Magnetic Transfer Probes - Accurate Linear Travel with Rack and Pinion Design


Key Features

  • Linear and Rotation
  • Travel 305-1450mm
  • Continuous 360° Rotation
  • Vertical Load Capacity 5kg (2 series)
  • Vertical Load Capacity 4kg (4 series)
  • 70mm or 114mm OD CF Flange
  • Fully Bakeable 250°C

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Non-Magnetic Transfer Probes

Here are some real life applications for non-magnetic transfer probes:


Sample Manipulation

Non-magnetic transfer arms can be used for introducing samples into UHV electron microscopes, where the presence of magnetic materials could affect imaging and analysis.


Implant Production

In the manufacture of medical implants or devices, non-magnetic transfer arms are necessary to handle materials without introducing magnetic contaminants that could affect the functionality of the final product.


Spectrograph Calibration

Non-magnetic transfer arms can be used in UHV environments for handling calibration sources and other components in the development of astronomical spectrographs and instruments.


Biomedical Experiments

In UHV systems used for biomedical research, non-magnetic transfer arms can handle biological samples or medical devices without introducing magnetic artifacts that could impact experimental outcomes.