Non-Magnetic Transfer Probe - LRP

UHV Rack & Pinion Transfer Device

The ZLRP is a rack and pinion design transfer device which provides linear motion only. These devices provide smooth, magnet free sample transfer for applications requiring low magnetic permeability. Motorisation is available on the linear motion to provide a high level of accuracy and repeatability. The addition of a differential pumping port allows the user to pump whilst the device is in motion to prevent any fluctuation in ambient chamber pressure.

Key Features

Smooth Linear Movement

High Accuracy

Long Travel Lengths


Low Sample Deflection

<1mm at Full Extension

70mm OD CF Flange

19mm OD Probe with 2x M3 Mounting Holes 10mm PCD

Leak Rate

1x10-10 mbar l/s -1

Motorisation Available

Linear Motorisation

Fully Bakeable to 250°C

No Need To Dismantle Any Part of the Drive

Max Operating Temperature


Max Load Capacity 0.3Kg

For Samples

Position Lock

Enables Sample To Be Locked In Position

Compatible Accessories

Jaw Assemblies including Flag and Puck

Additional Differential Pumping Port

Optional Pumping On Port Whilst In Motion

Information Table


2 Series

Flange OD mm Linear Travel Probe Diameter External Length Max Load Vertical Kg Order Code
70mm 305mm 19mm 630mm 0.3 ZLRP203
70mm 460mm 19mm 785mm 0.3 ZLRP204
70mm 610mm 19mm 935mm 0.3 ZLRP206
70mm 914mm 19mm 1239mm 0.3 ZLRP209