Liquid Nitrogen Cooling

Ultra High Vacuum Sample Cooling

Liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooling lines can be configured to suit our modular manipulators. Liquid nitrogen is transferred through flexible capillary tubes to a reservoir on the sample mounting plate by the means of high conductivity flexible braid. This system allows both primary and secondary sample rotations to achieve temperatures below -165ºC (113K) measured on the sample mounting plate. To operate the LN cooling module efficiently and safely, the LNHX accessory kit is recommended. This allows dry nitrogen gas from a pressurised gas bottle to be used as the liquid nitrogen source.

Key Features

Combine with Resistive & Electron Beam Heating

The heater controllers used with these units can be used to monitor liquid nitrogen temperatures

Suitable for SH Sample Holders

The liquid nitrogen cooling module (ZLN) can be fitted to all SH series sample holders and all standard manipulators.

Use a Plain Carrier for Non-Heating Setups

If no heating is required, then the plain sample accessory (ZSPA) series is recommended to provide sample and cooling braid attachment

Combine with ZLNHX Kit for Optimal Performance

The ZLNHX kit includes a condensing coil and polystyrene dewar with insulated connecting tubes

Provides Cooling to -165ºC

Achieve base pressure in approximately *5 minutes

*base pressure is subject to many influences and may take up to 20 minutes for long travel complex manipulation setups

Suitable for All Manipulators

Omniax, Triax, HPT & Transax

Separate Modules Available


Normal Operating Pressure

0.5 - 1 bar

Information Liquid Nitrogen Cooling

LN2 Schematic

ZLN Modules

ZLN Cooling Module & Accessories Order Code
Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Module Omniax MXCOOL
Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Module HPT RXCOOL
Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Module Transax TXCOOL
Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Module Triax
Cooling Accessory Kit (Dewar etc) ZLNHX
Copper Gaskets for LN Cooling ZLNCU
Polystyrene LN2 Dewar ZMS100D

Dedicated Feedthrough Set - Thermocouple Only

Manipulator K Type N Type


Wiring is 3m long paired with PTFE sleeve.

Hot Junction end 210mm of ceramics to protect PTFE coating from heater.

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