Transax UHV Sample Manipulator

Ultra High Vacuum Dual Bellows Manipulator

The Transax is a stable and versatile, fully UHV compatible sample manipulator. The modular design can offer long Z travel up to 600mm and when combined with a rotary drive and sample handling equipment offers a rigid sample interface with good stability. Situated on a 152mm OD CF base flange, the design eliminates bi-metal deformation even after repeated bakeouts to 230°C. An optional support tube with secondary support bearing in the XY table improves sample stability by more than 5x than a cantilevered support tube. Optional heating and cooling modules can be added to the sample holder to allow for variations in temperature from -165°C to +1200°C.


Key Features

Base Flange Size

152mm OD CF Flange With Clearance Holes

±25mm X and Y Axes

Instruments Up To 32mm OD

Z Travel Lengths

150mm to 600mm Travel

High Load Capacity

10Kg Payload Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

Motorisation Options

All Axes Can Be Fully Motorised

Mounting Orientation

Horizontal, Vertical & Inverted

Support Stands Available

Required for Horizontal Mounting

Interchangeable Modules For Upgrading

Easy Addition Motors Can Be Added to Instruments

Optional Support Tube

32mm (28mm OD Clear Bore)

Designed for Primary & Azimuthal Rotary Drives

Supports All Standard Sample Holder Configurations

Rotating Support Tube

Optional with DPRF Module

Fully Bakeable to 230°C

With Motors Removed

Design Eliminates Bi-Metal Deformation

Even After Repeated Bakeouts to 230°C

Liquid Nitrogen Cooling

Optional Module

Operating Pressure

1 bar to 1x10-11 mbar

Leak Rate

1x10-10 mbar ls -1

Information XY Table

XY Table Overview

±0mm, ±12.5mm or ±25mm Precision Movement

32mm Support Tube

5µm Graduations on Micrometers

Optional Motor Upgrade

Stepper Motors, Encoded Stepper Motors and Limit Switches

Plugs Wired To Suit VACGEN Controllers

XY Parameters Actuation Method Specification
Resolution Manual 5µm
Resolution Motorised 0.5µm
Repeatability Manual 5µm
Repeatability Motorised 1µm

XY Table

XY Travel mm Parameters A2 Dimension mm Bellows Bore OD mm
±0mm Z Only 80 95
±12.5 or ±25mm XY Table 167 85
transax without t tables-01

Information Z Slide Module

Z Slide Overview

Travel Lengths 150 - 600mm

Fully Motorised Options Including Limit Switches

Rotating Support Tube Option

With DPRF Module

1 Turn = 0.5mm

With Worm & Wheel Drive Added (Optional)

Z Parameters Actuation Method Specification
Resolution Manual 10µm
Resolution Motorised 5µm
Repeatability Manual 10µm
Repeatability Motorised 5µm
Maximum Speed Motorised 10 mm.s-1

Z Slide Module

Z Travel mm A1 Dimension mm C Dimension mm
150 129 to 279 360
300 166 to 466 545
450 202 to 652 731
600 215 to 615 871

Transax Accessories

Additional modules include rotary drives, sample holders, differentially pumped rotary feedthroughs, sample heating, liquid nitrogen cooling, stepper motor controllers and support stands:

Rotary Drives

Rotary Drives

Feedthrough chamber required for UHV Rotary Drives modules. These play a pivotal role in analytical instruments, precisely positioning samples for accurate readings and analyses.

Sample Holder

Sample Holders

Sample holders are the interface between the sample and the movements of the manipulator. The Transax is compatible with all sample handling options.

Sample Heating

Sample Heating

Resistive and Electron Beam Heater Modules can be fitted to the sample holders to provide sample heating up to 1200°C. Explore PBN, HST and EBH heaters.

Liquid Nitrogen Cooling

Liquid Nitrogen Cooling

Liquid Nitrogen Cooling can be configured to the manipulator providing cooling of the sample down to temperatures of -165°C.

Motor Controller


Stepper motor controllers are available to power and control all motorised instrumentation for X,Y, Z and R1, R2 and R3 axes. These can be configured up to 99 axes in open/closed loop.


DPRFs & Rotary Platforms

Differentially Pumped Rotary Feedthroughs (DPRF) and Rotary Platforms can be fitted to the manipulator to provide additional means of rotation into the chamber.

Support Stand

Support Stands

Larger manipulators require support stands to stabilise the manipulator when mounted in a horizontal orientation, we provide 3 standard variations.

IMG_0476 (2)

Analysis Chamber

Our vast portfolio of bespoke chamber and system projects, gives us a wealth of knowledge and experience for one-off chamber builds.

Designing a Manipulator?