Miniax UHV Sample Manipulator

Ultra High Vacuum Manipulator

The Miniax is a simple XYZ manipulator, ideal for sample storage and basic sample handling. The all-metal cross roller bearings provide smooth operation in the XY axes and allow for up to 200°C bakeout temperatures. The compact manual design makes it easy to fit in any orientation, whilst taking up limited system space. Situated either on a 70mm OD CF base flange, or 152mm OD CF base flange if service ports are required. The 152mm version accommodates 4 feedthrough ports, perfect for configuring to your system requirements.

Key Features

Optional Base Flange Sizes

70mm OD CF Flange or 152mm OD CF Flange

±12.5mm X and Y Axes

Instruments Up To 19mm OD

Z Travel Lengths

50mm to 100mm Travel

Mounting Orientation

Horizontal, Vertical & Inverted

Construction Advantages Include

All Metal Cross Roller Bearings for XY Movement

152mm Base Flange with 4 mini Feedthrough Ports

Provides LN2 and Feedthrough Options

Travelling Flange

70mm OD with Straddled M6 Tapped Holes

Fully Bakeable to 200°C

Including Micrometers

Operating Pressure

1 bar to 1x10-11 mbar

Leak Rate

1x10-10 mbar ls -1

Information Miniax

XY Table Overview


XYZ Parameters

Base Flange OD mm Z Travel mm A mm C mm Order Code
70 50 160 - 210 250 ZXYZ0570
152 100 160 - 260 301 ZXYZ1070
70 50 160 - 210 250 ZXYZ0515
152 100 160 - 260 301 ZXYZ1015

XY Parameters

XY Parameters Actuation Method Specification
Resolution Manual 10µm
Repeatability Manual 5µm

Z Parameters

Z Parameters Actuation Method Specification
Resolution Manual 5µm
Repeatability Manual 10µm

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