Triax UHV Sample Manipulator

Ultra High Vacuum Manipulator

The Triax multi-axes sample manipulator is used for positioning a sample under ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions. The XYZ manipulator when combined with a sample holder and rotary drive allows precise positioning within the chamber. The wide bore allows 19mm OD instruments to have full vectoral travel and owing to the design, all axes can be fully motorised with digital read out available. The universal orientation and small footprint allows for the end-user to make better use of the air-side chamber space.

FAQs, Manuals and Data Sheets

Key Features

Optional Base Flange Sizes

114mm or 152mm OD CF Flange

±12.5mm X and Y Axes

Fully Motorisable

40mm Clear Bore

Instruments up to 19mm with Full Travel

Z Travel Lengths

50mm to 600mm Travel

Universal Mounting Orientation

Horizontal, Vertical & Inverted

Fully Bakeable to 200°C

Including Micrometers

Fully Motorisable Axes

Including X, Y, Z, R1 & R2

NEMA17 Compact Motors

Digital Read Out Version Available

Operating Pressure

1 bar to 1x10-11 mbar

Leak Rate

1x10-10 mbar ls -1

Information Triax


XYZ Parameters

XYZ Parameters Actuation Method Specification
Resolution Manual 10µm
Repeatability Manual 10µm
Repeatability Motorised 1µm
Repeatability Motorised 1µm

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