UHV Ball Chamber

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The VACGEN Ball Chamber can be used for applications such as Surface Analysis. Our chambers can be custom designed, ensuring they are tailored to your individual needs for your specific applications. Our extensive history in chamber manufacturing guarantees we can provide you with the right support and technical services from the moment you request a quotation to the day you receive your chamber.

Chamber Material Details:

The Ball Chamber is available in the two materials shown below:

Ball Chamber Material
Material Type Description
Nickel Based Super Alloy (NiFe) A soft ferromagnetic metal with a very high permeability
Stainless Steel  304L or 316L available as standard body and tube material

Chamber Body Details

The following chambers are formed from standard skeletons with lead times as low as 7 weeks. 

Ball Chamber Body Details
Chamber Type Chamber Material Flange OD Bottom Port Bottom Port Length  Top Port Top Port Length
Ball Chamber Stainless Steel 315 mm CF203 - 156 320 mm  CF152 - 102 250 mm
Ball Chamber Stainless Steel 235 mm CF203 - 156 300 mm CF152 - 108 250 mm
Ball Chamber Mu Metal 315 mm CF203 - 156 320 mm  CF152 - 102 250 mm
Ball Chamber Mu Metal 235 mm CF203 - 156 300 mm CF152 - 108 250 mm

Standard Port Sizes

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Standard Port Sizes
Flange VACGEN Flange Part Number Flange OD Bolt Hole PCD Number of Bolt Holes Tube OD Wall
DN19CF CF34-19 34.1 mm 27 mm  6 19.05 mm 1.2 mm
DN41CF CF70-41 69.9 mm 58.7 mm 6 41.3 mm 1.6 mm
DN44CF CF70-45 69.9 mm 58.7 mm 6 44.5 mm 1.6 mm
DN70CF CF114-70 113.5 mm 92.2 mm 8 70.0 mm 2.0 mm
DN100CF CF152-102 152.0 mm 130.3 mm 16 101.6 mm 2 mm
DN100CF CF152-108 152.0 mm 130.3 mm 16 108.0 mm 2 mm
DN150CF CF203-156 203.0 mm 181.0 mm 20 156.0 mm 3 mm
DN200CF CF254-206 254.0 mm 231.8 mm 24 206 mm 3 mm
DN250CF CF305-254 305.0 mm 284.0 mm 32 254 mm 5 mm
DN300CF CF368-305 368.3 mm 338.1 mm 32 305 mm 3 mm
Port Length Analyser (Only) Phi & Theta Angle General Tolerance
General ±1 mm ±0.5 mm ±0.5° R2.0 mm

Additional Details:

Extra Details
Surface Treatments Available Maximum Mass mm (W x D x H) Optional RGA Analysis
Satin Polished - Standard  Configurable Bespoke Size mm - 700 x 700 x 1000
Bead Blasting 600 x 600 x 600 700 x 700 x 1000 Maximum Mass 500kg
Electro Polished Max. Mass 125kg Max. Mass 500kg Maximum Temp. 250°

Please note: Electro Polished Finish and Vacuum Annealing are available at an additional cost and extended lead time. Please tell us about any additional processing when enquiring about a chamber design.
Standard tolerances are ±1mm on Port Length, Analyser Port ±0.5mm. Phi & Theta Angles ±0.5°. General Tolerance R2.0mm


Why choose our chambers?

  • The chamber will be leak tested before delivery.
  • We are able to guarantee a leak rate of 2 x 10-10 mbar L/s.
  • Extensive history in chamber manufacturing Fast quotation process
  • The chamber tolerances and ports will be measured and included in the CMM report.
  • Large product portfolio
  • ISO Standard 9001:2015
  • Repeating/ Configurable Chambers
  • Maximum Mass 125kg
  • Standard Finish - Satin Polished