All Metal Manual Right Angle Valve - Rotatable DN19CF

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Both the CR and CRD valves can be shut off to a torque level or by aligning the indicator marks on the body and the top nut. A separate operating handle is included with the valve. Rotatable flanges are used on both valve axis. VACGEN All Metal Right Angle Valves provide 10,000 cycles between services. Only high grade 304L materials are used. Rigid mechanism provides a repeatable seal.

All Metal Right Angled Valves
DN TypeODTubeConductance litre/secConstructionFlange MarerialA mmB mmC mmD mmBakeout TempBakeout TempLeak RateService LifePressure RangeShipping Weight (kg)Order Code
 Flange mmOD  mmOpenClosed   
DN19Rotatable 34mm19.15Welded304L38598622450300<10-10 mbar.l.s-110,000 Cycles1x10-10 mbar to 4 bar1ZCR20R
More Information
Valve TypeValve
Valve Body TypeWelded
Flange Size34mm
Valve Seal MaterialCopper