Configurable UHV Chambers

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Configurable Chamber Manufacturing Specifications


port length, general ±1mm
analyser port only ±0.5mm
phi & theta angles ±0.5°
general tolerance r2.0mm

Material (Port Body & Tubes)

stainless steel 316l
nickel-based superalloy (mu metal)

UHV Cleaned

Leak Rate - 2x10-10 mbar ls-1

Standard Skeletons

These two most popular starting points for designing chambers are the Ball Chamber and Hemispherical Bell Chamber. Both are available in Stainless Steel 316L and Nickel-Based Superalloy i.e Mu Metal.

Lead Times Flow Line 2
Repeating / Configured Chambers
Maximum Chamber Size
600mm x 600mm x 700mm
Maximum Mass: 125kg
Based on Standard Skeletons

Ball chamber Specifications

CF203-2565 Base Flange
CF152-108 Top Flange
Body Wall 5mm

Hemispherical Bell ChamberS pecifications

CF368-305 Base Flange
CF203-156 Top Flange
Body Wall 5mm

Optional RGA Analysis

We offer an optional RGA Analysis for all Chambers
Maximum Chamber Size: 700mm x 700mm x 1000mm
Maximum Mass: 300kg
Maximum Temerature: 250°c