Omniax XY Stage Module

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Omniax XY Stage Modules and Accessories
Base Flange Travel Range Order Code and stp. file
NW100CF (6"" OD) Z-only ±0 mm MT000B6S
NW100CF (6"" OD) ±12.5 mm Stage POA
NW100CF (6"" OD) ±25.0 mm Stage MT211B6S
NW150CF (8"" OD) Z-only ±0 mm ZT000B8S
NW150CF (8"" OD) ±12.5mm Stage POA
NW150CF (8"" OD) ±25.0 mm Stage ZT211B8S
XY Module Motorisation
XY Module Motorisation  Order Code
X Axis Stepper Motor MTXYMOTW*
Y Axis Stepper Motor and Encoder MTXYMOTE*
*Single Axis Kits
Omniax XY Module - Basic Dimensions
XY Travel mm Basic Code of XY stage A2 mm Bellows Bore D mm Support tube
±25.0 T211-12.5 175 108 28 or 54mm
±25.0 T211 175 108 28 or 54mm



  • Single edge welded bellows
  • Full ±25.0mm movement in both the X and Y
  • 54mm clear bore at X and Y full travel
  • Double bolt holes on mounting flange
  • Large barrel 5 micron graduations micrometers as standard
  • Retrofitable Motorisation
  • Stepper motor with limit switch options
  • Encoded motors are also available.
  • Bakeable to 230°C
  • Operating pressure 1 bar to 10-11 mbar
  • Leak rate <1x10-10 mbar l-s
Manual operation
  • 10 micron resolution
  • 10 micron repeatability
Stepper motors
  • 0.5 micron resolution
  • 0.5 micron repeatability using 4 mm.s-1 maximum speed