SH2 Sample Holder

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The SH2 provides one axis of rotation about the centre of the manipulator and the second at 90° known as azimuthal rotation.

Two different offset positions available;

  • a) The SH2E50 will provide move the sample away from the centre axis,
  • b) The SH2R64 moves the sample position 64mm above the central axis.

As with all the manipulation range, this module is fully compatible for both the heating and cooling modules making it the perfect multidiscipline two axis sample mounting module.

Note: totally non-magnetic version are available.

Sample Holders - Basic Specifications
Rotary Drive RequiredRD1RD1RD2RD2RD2RD224RD2RD2RD2
Primary (R1) Rotation         
No services360°360°360°360°360°360°360°360°360°
With services±180°±180°±180°±180°±180°±180°±180°±180°±180°
Azimuthal (R2) Rotation         
Variable  ±110°±110°±110°±180°   
Tilt (R3) Rotation      ±110°±10°±10°
Sample OffsetEEEEREEEE
Bare backplate (mm)9 to 129 to 509 to 129 to 5054 to 649 to 125.5 to 9.55.5 to 7.55.5 to 7.5
Plain or heater unit (mm)0 to 30 to 410 to 30 to 4160 to 660 to 30 to 2.50 to 2.50 to 2.5
Swept Radius From From     
No services (mm)2525 (min)2525 (min)54 to 64253135 
With all services (mm)3838 (min)3838 (min)54 to 643844VariableVariable
Magnetic PermeabilityLowLowLowLowLowLowLowNormalNormal
'H' dimension (mm)6666666666103666666
Temperature Ranges         
Resistive heater (HST)950 °C950 °C950 °C950 °C950 °C950 °C950 °C950 °C950 °C
EB heater (EBH)1200 °C1200 °C1200 °C1200 °C1200 °C1200 °C1200 °C1200 °C1200 °C
Cooling (LN)-160 °C-160 °C-160 °C-160 °C-140 °C-160 °C-160 °C-160 °C-160 °C
Approx. resolution per
halfstep of RD motor
R1 rotation (stepper)0.01°0.01°0.01°0.01°0.01°0.01°0.01°0.01°0.01°
R2 rotation (stepper)--0.001°0.001°0.001°0.001°---
R3 rotation (stepper)------0.001°0.0001°0.0001°



  • Relative permeability is <1.005
  • Low swept volume
  • Samples of varying thickness can be rotated on axis
  • Standard Sample axial Offset, 9 to 12mm (without heater)
  • Sample axial offset with SH1E50 option 9 to 50mm (without heater)
  • Primary (R1) Rotation with no services 360°
  • Primary (R1) Rotation With services i.e.heating and cooling ±180°
  • Swept Radius from 25mm to 38mm depending on additional modules being selected
  • Residual Magnetism 10 milli Gauss
  • Azimuthal (R2) rotation ±110°
Accepts the following options
  • Resistive heater (HST) 950°C option
  • EB heater (EBH) 1200°C option
  • Cooling (ZLN) -160°C option
  • 14mm plain accessory where heating/cooling is not required
  • 25mm plain accessory where heating/cooling is not required