Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum Chambers

VACGEN have been designing and manufacturing vacuum chambers for over 50 years.

Serving pioneering sectors such as the semiconductor, energy, medical, and defence industries, we are experts in the design and build of ultra-high vacuum chambers used in applications such as:

  • Semiconductor processing chambers
  • Surface Analysis chambers
  • Surface Deposition chambers
  • Preparation Chambers
  • Radial distribution chambers
  • Transfer Chambers
  • Load Locks

… and more.

Advanced Technology, Tailored

Due to our vast portfolio of custom vacuum projects, you can trust our dedicated team to assist in the design and production of even the most bespoke chamber requirements. We have the capability to supply ultra-high vacuum chambers of any complexity, in a range of materials -including stainless steel, mu-metal, aluminium, aluminium alloys and nickel-based superalloys.

No matter how unique the project, our pioneering in-house quality and testing processes ensure reliable, high-calibre manufacture of every product – with test reports available on request.

Kick-Start Your Project with Expert Guidance

Our knowledgeable team will help you hit the ground running, even from the initial concept stages. We offer comprehensive support during every stage of the purchasing process, helping you to design a chamber that not only meets your application requirements, but has been underpinned by specialist advice regarding its specification.

A 3D CAD model of your chamber can be produced to aid the visualisation of the end product, while a Design for Manufacture service is available for existing designs or conceptual drawings, helping you to ensure an efficient, accurate and cost-effective build.

Need A Build-To-Print Solution? We Adhere to Copy Exactly! Techniques

If you already have a design for your chamber, our “build to print” service will supply the form and function you need, using high-quality Copy Exactly! processes.

The Copy Exact technique ensures that aesthetics, material composition and other essential factors will remain consistent with every single product, no matter where it is manufactured – guaranteeing supply chain trust and continuity.

Cleanroom-Ready Manufacturing

VACGEN have the capabilities required to help you create research, test and manufacturing conditions that are unique, robust, and free of molecular contaminants.

Our vacuum chambers are manufactured in cleanroom-ready environments, precisely and specifically cleaned according to the SEMI requirements. Our in-house cleaning processes and leak check certification ensures the very best vacuum performance which is guaranteed to be contamination-free and leak tight.

Complete Assembly Solutions

As well as bespoke UHV chamber design, we also offer a configurable range of chambers, comprised of standard skeletons.

Our standardised configurable chambers carry a much shorter lead time, which can be as low as 6 weeks. You will still benefit from our expert manufacturing capabilities, which include:

  • 5 axis CNC Milling
  • Turning and Boring
  • Tapping and Threading
  • 3D CAD and CAM
  • Rolling, Milling, Drilling and Reaming.

Comprehensive Project Management

Throughout our partnership, you will be assigned a project engineer who will oversee your build from design, engineering and completion - right through to delivery - to ensure that your targets are met.

As a result, VACGEN provide unrivalled value for money by supplying fabrications that will fulfil your requirements first time.

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  1. UHV Pill Chamber
    Available Soon
  2. UHV Cylinder Chamber
    Available Soon
  3. Configurable UHV Chambers
    Available Soon
    A standardised range of configurable UHV chambers have been designed for your convenience. This configurable range of products, including skeletons, tubes, flanges and gaskets will make designing your chamber a simplistic task and will ensure the costs and lead time of your chamber design are kept within your time frames and your budget. Lead times can be as low as 7 weeks with the configurable range.
  4. UHV Ball Chamber
    Available Soon
    A standardised range of UHV chambers have been manufactured for your convenience. The configurable range of skeletons come as standard in either Stainless Steel or Nickel Based Super Alloy.
  5. UHV Bell Chamber
    Available Soon
    The VACGEN Hemisphere Bell Chamber can be manufactured from metals such as the high permeability material Nickel-Iron Alloy or Stainless Steel 316L and is suitable for applications such as Preperation or Surface Analysis.
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